Deputy University Lecturer in Computing Science Focusing on e-Infrastructure for Distributed Calculations Uppsala University, Department of Information Technology

Deputy University Lecturer in Computing Science Focusing on e-Infrastructure for Distributed Calculations


Published: 2017-06-14


Uppsala University is a broad research university with a strong international position. The task is to conduct research and education of the highest quality and to cooperate in different ways with society. Our most important asset is all the individuals who, with their curiosity and commitment, make Uppsala University one of the country's most exciting workplaces. Uppsala University has 40,000 students, 7,000 employees and a turnover of 6.5 billion.


The Department of Information Technology carries out research and education in a range of areas of computer science and IT. The research is organized in five departments. Research at the Department of Computational Science has its roots in numerical analysis for partial differential equations. Nowadays, it also includes mathematical modeling, algorithms, analysis, software development, high performance computations and computational computational models based on observations in many different application areas.


Description of the subject area: Computational science, especially infrastructure for handling and analyzing large amounts of data and applied cloud computations. This includes the development of methodology and software for managing computational and data-intensive scientific applications in distributed environments, especially cloud infrastructure.


Tasks: Education, Research and Administration. Teaching includes course responsibility and course administration as well as supervision of doctoral students. Research will take place in the four first years of the Hierarchical Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Data(HASTE) project, see . It is also included to follow developments in the field of own subjects and social development in general that are important for the work at the university. Employment as Assistant Senior Lecturer aims at qualifying for teacher employment for which higher eligibility requirements are set.


Employment Period: The appointment as Assistant Senior Lecturer may be held for a period of four years. A deputy university lecturer can apply for promotion to the university lecturer. If the Assistant University Leader is deemed appropriate and meets the requirements for promotion, he or she shall be promoted and permanently employed as a Senior Lecturer.


Eligibility Requirements: Qualifying to be employed as assistant university lecturer is, according to the Higher Education Ordinance, the one who has obtained a doctorate or has obtained the corresponding scientific qualifications. Mainly, the applicant in question has obtained a doctorate or has reached the corresponding competence no later than seven years before the end of the application period.


According to Uppsala University's employment system, pedagogical skills are an eligibility requirement for employment as deputy university lecturer. The applicant should have undergone university activities relevant to Higher Education Education, comprising five weeks or have acquired equivalent knowledge. Higher education education can be completed during the first two years of employment.


According to Uppsala University's employment scheme, as a general qualification requirement for teachers, the personal qualities required to fulfill the job are well.


The applicant must have documented ability to teach in Swedish and / or English unless special reasons exist. The holder is expected to be able to teach Swedish in two years.


assessment criteria


Scientific and pedagogical proficiency: A selection of qualified candidates will attach particular importance to both scientific and educational skills which are equally important. Scientific proficiency refers to research research and the applicant's ability to contribute to future development of research and education. When assessing the scientific skill, particular emphasis will be placed on research issues in mapping computing applications to modern distributed e-infrastructure, especially clouds.


Equal care will be given to the examination of the educational skill as the scientific skill. Educational skills relate to education and teaching qualifications. In assessing pedagogical proficiency, first and foremost, educational quality will be taken into account. Even scope, both width and depth, should be taken into account. In assessing the pedagogical skills, particular emphasis will be placed on teaching and developing courses related to applications for scalable data management infrastructure.


Collaborative skills: Collaborative skills are important for the employment and will be given importance.


All qualifications must be documented so that both quality and scope can be assessed.


In this recruitment, the university will primarily consider who, according to a qualitative overall assessment of skills and skill, is expected to have the best prerequisites for implementing and developing current tasks and contributing to a positive development of the business.


Parental leave, part-time work due to childcare, union assignment, military service or the like are considered as work experience and should be listed in the CV.


Uppsala University values the qualities that even gender distribution and diversity add to the business. We therefore look forward to searching for all sexes and with different birth background, functionality and life experience. The University strives for a more even gender distribution among its teachers, and women are especially invited to apply for this employment.


Salary : Individual payroll is applied.


Access: At the latest or by appointment.


Employment: Time-limited employment, four years.


Extent of employment: 100%


Information about the employment is provided by Andreas Hellander, e-mail:


For further information, see the university's employment plan:


Goals and rules for Uppsala University


And faculty guidelines for employment:

Welcome to your application no later than August 15, 2017, UFV-PA  2017/1763 .


We take away recruitment and advertising offers. We only accept the application as described in the advertisement.


Location: Uppsala University, Department of Information Technology


Type of employment: Full-time, fixed-term employment longer than 6 months


Salary: Fixed salary


Number of vacancies: 1


Employment rate: 100%


Location: Uppsala


County: Uppsala County


Country: Sweden


Union Representative: Ellena Papaioannou, Seko 018-471 3315 

Per Sundman, Saco Council 018-471 1485 

Suzanne Borén Andersson, TCO / ST 018-471 6251 


Reference Number : UFV-PA 2017/1763


Deadline for application: 2017-08-15

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