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The University of Helsinki is among the leading multidisciplinary research universities in the world. In addition to its 11 faculties, the University includes several independent institutes, some of which are jointly operated with other universities. Some 35,000 students are currently pursuing an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree at the University of Helsinki.


Measured in number of students and teachers, the Faculty of Science at the University of Helsinki is the largest science faculty in Finland. There are some 6,000 students taking a basic degree. Out of them, some 1,000 are postgraduates. There are some 500 international students, and over 200 researchers and teachers from abroad.


The open vacancy is situated at the Department of Computer Science, which is part of the Faculty of Science. The Department of Computer Science is the leading Computer Science research and teaching unit in Finland. Three national Finnish Academy Centres of Excellence are active at the department, and the department has a close research partnership with Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT). The department has an excellent research infrastructure, including its own high-performance cluster.


The University of Helsinki has established a new multidisciplinary research center in collaboration with Aalto University, namely the Helsinki Data Science Center (HiDATA). HiDATA aims in creating a world-class research and research-based education hub of data science in Helsinki, enabling to overcome technological challenges brought about by the digitalisation of society. Data science is an interdisciplinary field about computational processes to extract knowledge and insights from data.


The Faculty of Science invites applications for the position of

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR/ ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR/ PROFESSOR in Computer science (Software systems for data-intensive computing in natural sciences)

The professors in the HiDATA center will work in interdisciplinary research programs and teach in the associated master’s and doctoral programs.


The successful applicant may be appointed to a professorship or a fixed-term associate/assistant professorship (tenure track system consisting of two stages, each 3 – 5 years), depending on his or her qualifications and career stage.


For a person to be eligible for the associate/assistant professor position, he or she must have completed a doctoral degree in data science or related field and has since acquired promising academic and other merits on research into data science, more specifically into the special area of the position. The field of the research includes the development of computational methods and software tools for data analysis and data-intensive computing in natural sciences. Collaborating with other researchers of HiDATA and Faculty of Science, the professor should conduct top-level international research, provide teaching based on such research, and supervise theses and dissertations. He or she should also participate in doctoral education as well as acquire research funding. If appointed to associate/assistant professorship, the applicant must be capable of independent scientific work and have the ability and motivation to pursue a scientific career, as demonstrated through publications and otherwise. If appointed to (full) professorship, the applicant must additionally possess experience in the supervision of scientific research and present documentation of international experience in the field of research that he or she represents as well as of his or her academic leadership skills.


In addition, scholarly work outside Finland, high-quality international publications, active international collaboration networks and elected positions as well as success in the acquisition of external research funding will be considered an asset. Moreover, pedagogical training, teaching experience and merits, the ability to produce learning materials and, especially in the case of the professorship, leadership and interaction skills will be given particular consideration.


Professor’s salary will be based on levels 8 – 10 of the demands level chart for teaching and research personnel in the salary system of the Finnish universities. An average starting salary for a newly appointed professor is ca. 5700 euros/month. The salary of an assistant (associate) professor is based on level 7 with the starting salary of about 4700 euros/month (5200 euros/month). For information on the University of Helsinki as employer please see For a description of the tenure track system at the University of Helsinki please see


Applications must have the following enclosures (in English):

1) an academic portfolio approved by the Faculty (as set out at containing a summary of supervision duties of master’s and doctoral theses and a presentation on how the applicant plans to develop his/her field and its teaching;

2) a list of those publications and other relevant documents on competence and merits that the applicant wishes to be taken into account in the selection process.


On the Faculty’s request, applicants should prepare to submit up to 10 publications of their choice to be sent to assessors after the application period. The publications shall be submitted the University of Helsinki Recruitment System upon request of the Faculty.


Please submit your application using the University of Helsinki Recruitment System. Applicants who are employees of the University of Helsinki are requested to leave their application via the SAP HR portal. If you apply more than one position at UH, please note that all the attachments you submit for different positions will appear in the same folder of your applicant profile. Therefore, please, name the post-specific attachments in such a way that they can be identified by the post.


The dead line for applications is 31 August, 2017.


Further information can be obtained from Professor Sasu Tarkoma, Head of the Department of Computer Science, tel. +358 40 5062163, sasu.tarkoma(at)


Apply at latest 31.08.2017




Thursday, August 31, 2017

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