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The University of Helsinki is one of the best multidisciplinary research universities in the world. The university has 11 faculties and about 35,000 degree students. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics, which is part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science of the University of Helsinki, is one of the leading research and education units in Finland, and has a strong position at the forefront of international research. The department has about 120 staff, of whom 13 are professors.


University of Helsinki Faculty of Science and Natural Sciences applies to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics \ t




responsible for teacher education in mathematics. Based on the applicant's merit and career stage, the assignment can be performed either as a professor of the former or as a temporary assistant professor. The Assistant Professor's Path of Establishment consists of two 3 to 5 year steps. You can also choose to go directly to another stage.



The role of Professor / Assistant Professor is generally to conduct and direct scientific research, to provide teaching based on it, and to follow scientific progress, and to engage in social interaction and international cooperation in its field.

It is the particular responsibility of the person to be filled with the task to be filled
: • to lead and develop the teacher training in


Selection criteria:

The candidate is required to hold a PhD at all levels. In addition, the professor is required to have a high level of scientific competence, experience in scientific research management, the ability to direct theses and provide high-quality research-based teaching in the field of mathematics and teaching, as well as evidence of international cooperation in research. The assistant professor is required to have the ability to undertake independent scientific work and the necessary teaching skills in the field of mathematics and teaching, as well as publications and otherwise demonstrated ability and motivation for a scientific career.


Knowledge of teacher training in mathematics and previous experience as well as the applicant's own teaching skills are key elements in the job. When evaluating the applicant's merit, scientific publications and other research results with scientific value, teaching experience and pedagogical education are taken into account, the skill to produce learning material, other educational achievements and, if necessary, a teaching sample and participation in doctoral training. All of these merits are evaluated for both mathematics and teaching research. In addition, the applicant's networking, activity in the scientific community, experience in teaching development at institutional level, success in obtaining external research funding, and foreign scientific work and international positions of trust are taken into account.


The candidate is required to have a very good oral and written command of Finnish and at least a satisfactory oral and written knowledge of Swedish. In addition, a good command of English is required to successfully complete the task. The requirement for a Swedish language may be granted without a separate application by an alien, non-native Finnish citizen or an applicant who has not received school education in Finnish or Swedish.



The salary is based on the demand level chart of the teaching and research staff of the university salary system. The professor's level of demand is between 8 and 10 and the starting salary of the new professor is typically around EUR 5,700 / month. The assistant professor's level of demand is 7 and the initial salary on the first level of the consolidation path is about 4,700 euros / month and the second is about 5,200 euros / month.


To retrieve a task:

The application is submitted with the attachments in the University of Helsinki electronic system “Search for a job”. Applicants for employment at the University of Helsinki are invited to submit their application on the SAP-HR portal.


The application must be accompanied by:
1) a university portfolio in accordance with the guidelines approved by the faculty (see https: // ... ), which should in particular highlight the experience and vision of the applicant's teacher training;
2) a list of publications and other works by which the applicant wishes to demonstrate his / her qualifications and merit.


Attachments should be submitted to the recruitment system in PDF format.


The application deadline for this assignment ends on April 17, 2019.


Upon request, the applicant must prepare for the submission of up to ten selected publications to be sent to experts via the electronic search system.


Requests for further information:

For more information on this task, please contact the Department Director, Professor Tuomas Hytönen (Tuomas.hytonen (at), 050 448 0289).


Due date
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