Researcher professor or postdoc. at computer science (graphics, vision) KAIST South Korea

Scalable Image Search and Interactive Global Illumination
PI: Sung-eui Yoon (
Scalable Graphics/Vision/Robotics Lab. (
KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science of Technology) (


Available positions:
- Research professor and post-doctorate


Project descriptions:
1. Scalable image search
- We have billions of images and video at internet, and demands on efficient image search of them have been drastically growing. This project requires you to use recent deep learning methods for highly accurate image search.

2. Interactive global illumination
- We focus on designing interactive and scalable global illumination algorithms that can handle complex geometry, lighting, and materials. Additionally, we can work on inverse rendering problems identifying material information and using it for re-lighting.


Requirement and job descriptions:
Research professor and postdoc:
- Ph.D. degree in computer graphics/vision or related in computer science is necessary. A research record is requested. He or she will work on various research activities including paper writing and attending conferences.
- Research professor and postdoc will be supported at least one year. Also, it can be extended to multiple years; after you spend 6 months here at KAIST, we will discuss your job continuation to multiple years.
- Yearly salary for postoc. is expected to be 40M Korean won; 1M Korean won is approximately 1000 USD and 6000 Chinese Yuan). Actually salary will be adjusted based on your publication record.


- Send your CV containing related publication to PI, Sung-eui Yoon (


KAIST is a research-oriented school and one of top engineering schools in South Korea. All the students including undergraduate, graduate, post-doc can stay at in-school dormitory. Also, KAIST is friendly to international students and researchers; there are many international students at KAIST. KAIST is located in DaeJeon, which is located in almost center of South Korea; refer to the following site: Population of DaeJeon is about 1.5 million. Typical living cost of DaeJeon is relatively cheap.

Our lab has 12 graduate students working on rendering, image search, and rendering.

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