Assistant lecturers at the Department of Computer Science, block 1 & 2 in 2018 University of Copenhagen, Department of Computer Science Denmark

Assistant lecturers at the Department of Computer Science, block 1 & 2 in 2018

The Department of Computer Science is looking for assistant lecturers for courses in the bachelor programme and master programme in computer science from 3 September 2018 – 3 February 2019, block 1 & 2.  


Please note, that English speaking candidates are primarily accepted for the master courses (MSc).  


There are positions as assistant lecturers on the following courses:  


Computer Science:  

  • Advanced algorithms and data structures (AADS)  

  • Advanced Computer Systems (ACS)  

  • Advanced programming (AP)  

  • Advanced Topics in Machine Learning (ATML)  

  • Big Data Systems (BDS)  

  • Computersystemer (CompSys)  

  • Disket Matematik og Algoritmer (DMA)  

  • Introduktion til computergrafik (Grafik)  

  • IT-projektledelse (ITP)  

  • IT-sikkerhed (ITS)  

  • Logic in Computer Science (LICS)  

  • Machine learning (ML)  

  • Matematisk analyse og statistik i datalogi (MASD)  

  • Modelling and analysis of data (MAD)  

  • Progrming Massively Parallel Hardware (PMPH)  

  • Programmering og problemløsning (PoP)  

  • Vision and Image Processing (VIP)  


Communication & it:  

  • KOMIT Analyse, design og regulering af it-infrastruktur  

  • KOMIT Grundlæggende datalogi  

  • KOMIT Konceptudvikling og innovation  


Read more about the job assignments in each course here. Furthermore the course descriptions are published at For more information please contact the course organiser who you find in the course description at  


Work assignments  

In order to be employed as an assistant lecturer you must have finalized your Master degree and i.e. be qualified to handle teaching assignments & teaching independently, and supplement teaching handled by an Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor. The assistant lecturer’s assignments vary from course to course but usually include:  


Regarding the course:  

a) Independent performance of teaching duties  

b) Preparation and conduction of weekly exercises.  

c) Preparation of the course before the course starts and possibly assistance during exam/reexam.  

d) Weekly TA meetings, including continuous communication with the course responsible and the other TAs and assistant lecturers about work assignments.  

e) Arithmetic test and preparation of assignments.  

f) Correction and approval of assignments.  

g) Guiding and answering questions from students about the course outside of exercise classes (e.g. in Absalon).  


Outside the course:  

a) Participation in TA workshop at IND, if you have not participated before.  

b) The course will give you the didactic tools you will need to be a TA.  

c) Answering emails from the department regarding the work assignments above and also keeping deadlines and appointments.  



The position as assistant lecturer is most relevant if you have a Master degree in Computer Science. Students who have a Master degree in Mathematics, Cognition & IT, Communication & IT or Health Informatics will also be considered as far as their competences are relevant for the course.  

In order to be an assistant lecturer on BSc-courses we expect you to primarily communicate in Danish, and as an assistant lecturer in an MSc-course you are expected to be proficient in English. As an assistant lecturer you will be employed for up to 3 years.  However, you will only work the blocks where you have been allocated working hours.


Salary and conditions of employment  

The employment is in accordance with the rules concerning assistant lecturers as described in "Circular on teaching paid by the hour and circular on external examiners’ remuneration"  of 17 January 2001 (only in Danish) and the provisions for the teaching assistant position as described in “Memorandum on Job Structure for Academic Staff at the Universities of 28 June 2013".You will find a link to the Job Structure in the Employee Guide at KUnet under ‘HR’, ‘Personnel Policy’.  

The specific number of hours is appointed per course before each semester. The salary is DKK 240,05 per. hour.  



Send the application with a CV & transcript of your Diploma by clicking the link ‘Apply now’ below - no later than 21 May 2018. If you apply for more than one position then please prioritize your wishes in your application.  


Please state it in the top of your application if you are already employed as an assistant lecturer at DIKU.  


Please note that if you are a non-EU citizen you should also upload a valid work permit with your application.  


We want to reflect the surrounding society and encourage that everyone regardless of personal background applies for the position.  


Job interview  

In some cases you will to be invited for a job interview with the course organiser. Your E-mail address and phone number must be stated in the application.  


More information about the positions  

If you need further information about assignments etc. you can contact the course organiser. You can find the specific course organiser in the course description at 

If you apply for this position please say you saw it on Computeroxy


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