Postdoctoral Industrial Research Project in Balancing smartness and resilience in an integrated building management system Technical University of Denmark Denmark

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Title of the project: Balancing smartness and resilience in an integrated building management system

Project idea

The coming years will see the continued growth in the usage of advanced information and communi-cation technologies such as the Internet of Things, Power over Ethernet, etc. Commercial buildings are the ones that will benefit from these significant innovations. Building management systems (BMS) integrating the control of security, heating, lighting, ventilation and fire system become a reality now. These buildings are referred to as smart buildings.

As any new technology comes with new risks, integration in commercial buildings will certainly bring new risks as well. What is obvious now is that a high degree of connectivity increases the risk of cas-cading failures impacting many components of the smart building. A way to mitigate some of the po-tential impacts of cascading failures (both unintentional and intentional) is to increase system resili-ence (defined as the ability to absorb disturbances and recover from disruption) through redundancy and modularity (i.e. reduced connectivity). However, this in turn raises the question: Can a system be both smart and resilient? And how can we balance smartness and resilience?

To answer these questions, an analysis of associated risks should be accordingly and adequately per-formed. However, the risk analysis of these systems has not received proper attention and requires significant improvements in order to achieve the same level of results as in traditional industries.
The project will explore different design setups of an integrated BMS with the focus on fire safety and security risks. The output will be guidance for conducing risks analyses of smart buildings and proto-cols for testing safety and security of the integrated BMS.

As a candidate, you will have to complete an application to the Innovation Fund of Denmark (details here:
Upon success, you will be employed for two years at the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology while scientifically co-supervised by Senior Researcher Igor Kozine from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).


Dr. Igor Kozine (DTU),, tlf. Office: +45 4525 4548, mobile: +45 4142 3210 or
Hannah Rosenqvist (DBI),, mobile: +45 5117 4586

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